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Emergency warning

Important public announcement, IPA, is the system used to alert the public in case of accidents, serious events, or disruptions of important services.

Important public announcements (”Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten” or ”VMA” in Swedish) are broadcast through different channels:

  • via radio and television
  • from Krisinformation.se via the website, the app and social media
  • as notifications in the Sveriges Radio app, SR Play
  • as voice messages to landlines in the affected area
  • as text messages to your mobile phone, if it is registered or used in the affected area
  • via outdoor warning signal

Information about IPAs is primarily broadcast in Swedish. This means that information in English will initially be limited. Use translation tools to keep updated on information and directions from authorities.

IPA signal means imminent danger

In most Swedish towns and cities, IPAs may be issued via the outdoor warning signal. If you hear the IPA signal, it means there is an imminent threat to life or health. Immediately go indoors, shut windows, doors, and ventilation. Listen to Sveriges Radio P4 for more information (in Swedish).

The outdoor warning system is tested at 15.00 (3 pm) on the first non-public holiday Monday in March, June, September, and December. The signal will sound for 7 seconds, with 14 second breaks, for a total of 6 times. Afterwards, the “danger over” signal is also tested, which is an uninterrupted 30-second signal.