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Nuclear accidents

Sweden has three active nuclear power plants. They are located in Uppsala, Halland and Kalmar counties. Below you will find information about alerts in the event of an accident, and what you can do to protect yourself.
Foto: OKG Nuclear power plant

Alerts in the event of an accident

In the event of an accident at a nuclear power plant, the public will be alerted via an Important Public Announcement, or IPA, (which also includes outdoor warning signals). Read more about IPAs here. Those living within the inner emergency planning zones (within approximately 15 kilometres of the nuclear power plant) will be alerted via a special radio receiver (RDS - Radio Data System - receiver).

If the alarm sounds near you

  • Go indoors – you will be better protected indoors than out.
  • Close doors and windows, and turn off ventilation. This prevents contaminated air from entering.
  • Listen to Sveriges Radio P4. You will receive information about what has occurred and what you should do.
  • Help others. For example, let people in who need shelter indoors.
  • Stay inside.
  • Do not go outside until receiving notice that the danger has passed, either via Sveriges Radio P4 or the outdoor warning signal

Iodine tablets protect the body

In the event of a nuclear accident, radioactive iodine is released, and will be absorbed by the thyroid. By taking iodine tablets, you prevent the thyroid from absorbing the radioactive iodine. Those who live within the inner emergency planning zones have received iodine tablets from the County Administrative Board, but they can also be purchased without a prescription at any pharmacy. Only take the iodine tablets if the authorities encourage you to do so.

Sources: Swedish Radiation Safety Authority ("Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten"), The County Administrative Boards in Uppsala, Kalmar and Halland county ("Länsstyrelserna i Uppsala, Kalmar och Hallands län"), Sveriges Radio and SOS Alarm.