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The Swedish Embassy concerning the shooting in Utrecht

Update 18/3 7.30 PM: Due to the person who is suspected of being the offender having been arrested, the Dutch authority NCTV has reduced the threat level for the province of Utrecht to level 4 on a five-point scale, writes the Swedish Embassy in the Netherlands.

Update 18/3 4.50 PM: The recommendation to stay indoors has been withdrawn informs the Mayor of Utrecht via Twitter. However, people are still advised to be attentive and follow the instructions of the authorities, writes the Embassy of Sweden in the Netherlands.

Update 18 March, 3.20 PM: The city of Utrecht urges all citizens to stay inside until 6 PM.

Original text: There has been a shooting on a tram in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The Swedish Embassy urges all Swedish citizens in the city to contact their relatives and to follow advice from local authorities.

The Embassy refers to the local police's Twitter account for information about the incident. Some information is in English, but most of it is in Dutch.

Source: UD

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