Here you find verified news from Swedish authorities about crises and emergencies. On this page you also find links to texts about how to prepare for different kinds of emergencies and advice about how to behave should they occur.


Reminder about the fire prohibitions 

Information from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) about the fire prohibitions.
Published 11 June 2018 17:54
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Important message to the public in Umeå 

The important message to the public in Umeå is no longer valid. The message concerned residents in the towns of Mariehem, Ersboda and Tomtebo.
Published 08 June 2018 08:23
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Fire Prohibitions in Large Parts of Sweden

The dry conditions throughout Sweden mean that forest fires may easily spread. Therefore many local or regional authorities have issued so-called fire prohibitions.
Published 30 May 2018 13:45
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